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Shadowed Martyr

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The Stirring


It was your choice of martyrdom, your christianal suicide,
open armed pulled through the gaping holes of light.
The invitation taken out of proportion, a black soul
invaded by your grail.
A bloated heart explodes into dust, imperial seas
drown your body and cry out for the drained.
Cool winds blow your spirit over me, I shadow myself
with fear,
but I am not afraid.
You are smoked by the clouds around you,
tortured and weak you stand above me,
like a soldier so strong and brave, hiding in
amongst the night,
you cry for the return of your life.
Pityness aboards me and so I reach to touch, but I am
shivering within a powerless source
of energy.
I feel you draining me of my soul, but you can't take it,
Jimmy won't let you steal.
I snap away, you crawl to my knees and I kiss your
tears before walking into the light.
I turned to say goodbye, but you had already
found your underworld.

(c) Melissa Haines


Melissa Haines was a student at St. Helens District Highschool when she entered this poem in the "Afterglow" competition.

"Shadowed Martyr" was written when she was 16 years old.