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Cover Page

Background Info.

Tas. Peace Trust
Aims, etc.

T. Ritchie

J. Richardson
Sarajevo Madness
Sorrow & Pain
Act of Love

E. Janssen
Sweet Dreams 1
Sweet Dreams 2

C. Kirkpatrick
To Thich Nhat Hanh
Old Peace Offerings

A. Bassett

M. Haines
Shadowed Martyr

J. Austin
Pax Pacis

D. McMaster
Peace & Tranquillity

J. Parker
The Stirring


Rita Summers


I was reading through the Public Notices in the newspaper during 1996 when I saw a small ad from the Tasmanian Peace Trust. It asked for expressions of interest from members of the public who wished to apply for funding for projects which would promote peace.

As a writer, I could see the possibilities at once. I thought that a poetry competition might be the ideal way for people to express their hopes about peace through writing, and to promote the work of the Peace Trust. I decided to call it "Afterglow" to illustrate how even in darkness, a small ray of hope can glimmer.

Part of the original submission was to aim towards a published collection of poetry which would evolve from the entries received for this competition. However, there were not enough funds available to do this. Fortunately I had access to free web space on the Internet, so the electronic poetry anthology, entitled "Afterglow", was born.

This has been a labour of love for me, and I have enjoyed immensely reading the poems included here, and the setting up of this web site . I especially loved the poem "The Bard", by Janet Upcher, and have made this my Editor's Choice. It is accessible through the cover page of this online anthology.

May these literary works of art inspire you as they did me!


First Prize: "The Stirring", by Joan Parker

Second Prize: "Sorrow and Pain", by Jennifer Richardson

Third Prize: "To Thich Nhat Hanh", by Christina Kirkpatrick

Special thanks must go to the judges, Patrick Allen and Sylvia Gray, who had a difficult job deciding which of the poems should be awarded prizes. Their hard work was much appreciated.

My Editor's Choice Award went to Janet Upcher, for her poem, "The Bard".

All of the poems mentioned above can be viewed by clicking on the poets listed under Contents (see left), as well as a selection from the other competition entries.

Rita Summers (Editor)

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